#AccessToInfoDay – The Italian FOIA translated in English


Today we celebrate the first International Right To Know Day. After fourteen years from the first Right To Know Day, launched by a group of activists in 2002, this event was formally recognised by the UNESCO General Assembly in November 2015.

This year has been especially important for Italian RTI activists: last May, with the approval of the legislative decree n.96/2016, as part of the Public Administration Reform, Italy has revised its Transparency law n.33/2013 (mostly regulating proactive transparency) with new provisions on the right of access to information.

According to Article 5.2 “everyone has the right to access the data and documents held by the public administrations other than the ones subject to publication”: this means that even non Italian citizens can send access to information requests to Italian public bodies.

Therefore we thought it would be important to provide an English translation of the text for all the foreign citizens, journalists, activists and academics interested in exercising this right.

Note that, even if the new law is already in force, public bodies have still less than three months (precisely until the 23rd of December) to adjust their procedures with the new obligations. Before that date the National Anticorruption Agency will issue guidelines on the application of the cases of exemptions.

Below you can find the full text of the reformed Italian Transparency Decree translated in English.
You can also download it by clicking 


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